Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Marines

Yes, the Marine Corps really goes all out when they celebrate their "birthday" (November 10th).  I took Mom to the Marine Corps Birthday Parade on Camp Foster so she could be privy to some of the history.  We tucked ourselves under a tent and watched the procession.  For those totally civilian readers, a military "parade" is not what you think of as a parade - no floats, high school marching bands or Ms. Beaufort County riding in the back of a convertible.  No, it's a parade of troops of some sort or other.

This parade started with the presentation of colors, the national anthems of the US and Japan, a speech or two and then an interesting history of the Marine corps presented through the different uniforms over time.  Since the Marine Corps began in 1775 to present day, the history of the Marines is reflected in the changes of their uniforms.  It was really kind of interesting to see - and Grammie loved every minute of it!

Presentation of the "birthday cake" (hmmm, seems like I've seen this cake before???  Oh, yeah, it's the same one they use at the ball year after year!)

All the different uniforms (21 of them!)  The high school ROTC were the "models".

Grammie loving being with the troops!

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