Thursday, November 10, 2011

MaxPlus and Comprehensive Park

After the "study trip" with London, I swung home to get mom and Emmy so we could go for a picnic at Comprehensive Park.  Before getting to the park, I stopped by MaxPlus - the closest to an Ikea we have on this island - to look for a new stool to sit on when I homeschool the girls.  I was sure I had taken Mom here before, but apparently she had never been and was as enthralled with all the funky products as I always am.  This store has a little bit of everything - furniture, kitchen stuff, toiletries, clothes and all-round Japanese-y kitsch.  Here's Emmy with a display of Christmas trees (seems like everything in Japan is smaller, even the Christmas trees!)  The singing bears were belting out George Michael's "Last Christmas", which is a little funny in the middle of sunny Okinawa.

Emmy particularly enjoyed the massage chairs - they were just her size, although not purposefully designed for someone her age...  She kept finding the display models and making herself comfortable!

My favorite product this time was the "bagel cushion" which came in different flavors like "bitter chocolate", "custard" and "green tea".  Best part is it "make hips"!  Not sure exactly what that means...

Mom and Emmy, they liked the revolver mugs...

After the store, we went on to have our Japanese picnic (onigiri - aka rice balls) at the park.  We sat on a bench by the duck pond and Emmy was enjoying feeding the ducks, fish, pigeons and finches.  I had forgotten my camera in the car, so I went back to get it.  When I returned I found this... very wet Emmy.  During the 5 minutes I was gone, Emmy had accidentally fallen in the pond!  Those rain boots did her no good when the water was four inches above the tops!  Luckily Grammie was there to rescue her and she was none the worse for wear (except being soaking wet!)

Trying to fall in, again.
Despite being wet, Emmy still wanted to play at the park and even persuaded Grammie and I to bounce with her on the lady bug.

She couldn't get us inside the elephant bumble, though, so we posed from the outside.

Emmy was smiling so nicely and then right when I snapped the picture, she "Arrghhed" like a pirate.  That's my girl!

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