Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grammie hangin' in the 'hood

Emmy, London and all the other little kids in the neighborhood are really awesome at pretend play - especially with stuffed animals.  Emmy, who seems to be the bandleader for this kind of game, is particularly into her black and white border collie stuffed animal right now.  Perhaps it's these "Mist: Sheepdog Tales" movies we've been getting out of the library that spurs her on???

Anyways, the most recent game is running these border collies around to sniff for drugs.  Yes, I know a strange game! Believe me, when I over heard London saying his animal came back to base because he just found a bunch of drugs, I immediately stuck my head out the door to find out what he meant.  Turns out they're drug-sniffing animals.  I think they might have had a "don't take drugs" presentation at school this week.

Grammie somehow offered/got suckered into making a leash for the border collie, and then had a request from all the kids for a leash for their stuffed animals!  Grammie was only too happy to comply.  (Grammie also was convinced to knit a jacket for Emmy and London's stuffed animals!  What a good Grammie.)

So this was the scene when I stepped outside today...

Making a leash for Joey.

The "kennels" for the dogs when not in use.

There's "Border" sticking his head out of his kennel (which the kids pulled out of the neighbor's recycling.)

Here's London with his drug sniffing raccoon.  

And here's Joey and Ben with their dogs on leashes made by Grammie.

I guess Emmy and her animal must have been off hunting drugs...

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