Sunday, May 27, 2012

Big Dip

One more item off the bucket list was knocked off this week - Emmy's request to go to the Big Dip ice cream parlor.  She loves it there, as does Grammie, and London.

We've been here several times over our time in Okinawa, but recently our neighbors Jess and Chris were talking - actually more like raving - about their ube shakes (pronounce "oo-bay").  Now I've tried their beni imo ice cream before, which is made from the Okinawan sweet potato, but ube is another type of purple sweet potato.  I thought they'd taste the same, but they don't.  Ohhh, they don't.

When I took the kids on Saturday after their last soccer game Emmy ordered her favorite - chocolate with M&Ms, London ordered his favorite - apple pie (actual pie, not the ice cream).

I, of course, tried the ube shake.  It came to me like this:

Why the doughnut on the side, I don't know?  But after the first sip I was hooked!  It was sooo good.  At first I thought, "Why haven't I discovered this before now?"  But then I thought it is actually a good thing I didn't know about ube shakes otherwise I might have required two seats on the plane ride home to accommodate my extra weight!

They were so good that we went back again on Sunday, this time with Emmy's friend, Ben, in tow.

Man, just writing this post is making my mouth water.  Good job it's only 8:45 in the morning or I might be driving over to the Big Dip for an ube shake!

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