Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flea Market

Since we can't really have garage sales here, the military sponsors flea markets on various bases so we can unload our stuff.  I've heard a lot about these flea markets, and when the one on Foster takes place, you see the cars backed up for half a mile down the road trying to get to it, but I've never been to one - before Saturday.

I decided about a month or so ago as I was cleaning closets and cupboards and such in preparation for the move that we had enough stuff to merit a trip to a flea market as a seller and I decided that May 5th would be our best chance.

So Friday night we loaded the van full of junk just barely leaving a spot for London and then headed out Saturday morning first for London's soccer game and then for the flea market.  Emmy was at Molly's house enjoying her first sleep over and Cannon was getting a ride to his soccer game.

Now we were warned about these flea markets.  We were told stories how the Japanese line up to come in and when the gates are open they run down the aisles.  We were told how they scoop up the American clothes and junk like it's candy.  And I can now tell you it's true.

Here we are ready with our junk.

And here are the Japanese lined up like they're waiting to get into a rock concert.

Sorry, no pictures of them running to the stands - I think I was in awe.

Lots of buyers
But it turned out to be a successful day with a nice profit and all the "leftovers" now taken to the thrift shop.  Now we're all ready for our first pack out on Tuesday!

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