Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I woke up this morning to four sleeping bodies - a rarity that I can have a little quiet time in the morning - so I took advantage of it by slipping out the door and going for the cliff walk by myself.  Nothing like a beautiful walk along the cliffs and beach to start your day!  I even swung by the coffee shop to treat myself to a latte before returning to the room.  There I found still three sleeping bodies so Cannon and I took our chairs and books down to the beach and read for awhile.  Now that's the way to start a Mother's Day!

After the clan was up, and after breakfast, we had to check out and then we headed out for a few more northern Okinawa adventures.  I had read in the guide book about a water fall that you hike through a river to get to and we decided to attempt it.  Now I have to say that a place called Todoki Falls was on my bucket list, but after hearing people's accounts of how treacherous the route is, and reading the caution note that described it in the guide book, we decided not to hike Todoki Falls, but this other one called Taa Falls.

The route was awesome, literally walking up the gentle river bed surrounded by lots of trees and greenery.  It reminded us of what we think Washington will be like.

Then we rounded a bend and the route got a little tougher, sometimes having to scale over rocks.

Then we came to a section where you had to climb up big rocks supported by a flimsy rope that someone had kindly set up.

Finally, when some Americans were passing us coming back, I asked them, "What falls is this leading us to?"  The answer, Todoki!  Somehow, the guide book was wrong, or I was wrong, but we were 2/3 of the way in at this point so we pushed on.  My little family members are troopers and they are willing to do anything today to make momma happy!  Emmy really amazed me as she fearlessly scrambled over rocks and through the rocky river.

Finally, we came out onto the falls and it was all worth it.  Beautiful!

Stevie and Cannon decided to jump in and swim in the pool, but I think they soon regretted that decision.  Stevie said the water was so cold it took his breath away.  They swam across the pool to the falls and got up behind them.  Crazy!

Behind the falls

Family at the Falls
After we got back to the car, we headed down the road to the Motobu peninsula for one last stop.  A couple of weekends ago I posted about the begonias that we went to.  Also on my plan for that day was to see a hydrangea garden that I had read about.  But with the pouring rain and soggy conditions, we didn't make it.  So that adventure was put off until today!

Following some really lousy directions, we finally found the place by a wing and a prayer.  This garden, according to the article I read, has over 9,000 hydrangeas of 78 species and is the labor of love of a 94-year old woman who has been working on it for 30 years.  I tell you, these Okinawans know how to a.) garden and b.) be persistent!

The garden was lovely, although it truly needed about another two weeks to be fully in its glory.  One day, one day, I might hope to have half of this kind of a day.  I'll let the pictures speak for it!

Happy Mother's Day!

Beautiful lacy cap hydrangea

These cannas were beautiful

Hydrangeas and begonias

Not quite in full bloom yet...
After perusing the garden, it was time to say goodbye to the northern end of Okinawa and head home.  What a great Mother's Day!

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