Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Okuma fun

We woke up to awesome sunshine and calm winds so I knew this was going to be a fun day - and it was!  We started with our favorite...breakfast in the restaurant.  I know it's strange, but the little restaurant at Okuma has some of the best biscuits and gravy and blueberry pancakes on the island.  Ahh, a little bit of home.

After breakfast we rented bikes because the kids had been psyched up to ride them.  This was a bit of an ill-fated experiment so I'll let Stevie's expression in the photo say it all...

Moving on in our day, we spent about an hour on the beach catching some rays and splashing around before heading over to the other side of the thin peninsula for our jet ski reservation.  Not one of us has ever tried this sport before and we all loved it (except London who was not so thrilled).  Stevie had a blast driving it, and for the sake of time and safety, I let him take all of us out.

Cannon and Stevie heading out

There goes London...

Emmy's turn!

Big kids' turn!
After the jet ski, we spent a little more time on the beach before cleaning up a bit for an adventure over the north end of the island.

He looks a little cold, doesn't he?

Emmy's swim shirt was the same color as the water.

Two buried kids!

Heads in the sand

Buried Dad

What can I say about this photo???
We love the north end of Okinawa - it's really beautiful in a rain forest, tropical, mountainous, undeveloped kind of way.  It's very different from the southern half, but unfortunately it's further of a drive so we don't get to explore it as much.  Today Stevie indulged my need to seek adventure and drove while I told him where to go.  I had found a "coastal walk" listed in some guide book and I was determined to find it, which, with a little luck, we did.

Heading down to the beach.

The walk took us down a fairly deserted beach, past a river inlet and across rocks and through the surf to another totally deserted beach.  I would have kept going, but we were unsure if the tide was going out or coming in and we didn't want to get stranded.  It was very beautiful, though.

After the coastal walk, we headed back across the island and returned in time for a little R&R on the beach, dinner on the BBQ and a family movie night.

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