Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Top 10 Things We Did in Okinawa

A couple weeks ago someone asked me if I were going to do a top 10 things we did in Okinawa post before we left.  I thought that was a great idea, so with only 10 days left on island I set out to do the post.  I asked the family to give me their top picks and the nominees spilled out faster than I could write.  I guess we liked this island because there were a few more than ten entries!

So here's the list (in no particular order), although I'm sure there are many more to add!

1.  Small village tug-of-war
2.  Okuma
3.  Sundays at our beach with Liz, Don and Lydia
4.  Neighborhood parties and BBQ's
5.  Shisa pottery studio
6.  Todoki Falls
7.  Flowers - azaleas, begonias, lilies, hydrangeas, orchids
8.  Cape Zanpa
9.  Peace Prayer Park
10.  Northern beaches
11.  Aquarium
12.  Shrine on New Year's Day with the Paynes
13.  Tuna fishing
14.  Fish markets
15.  100 Yen stores
16.  Natural wonders - sunsets, earthquakes, tsunamis, eclipse, typhoons, etc.
17.  Extra large critters - bats, banana spiders, centipedes, etc.
18.  The Blue Beater
19.  Sushi-go-round
20.  New Year's blowouts
21.  Our neighborhood
22.  Hiro's coffee farm
23.  Marine Corps balls

And the kids' top picks:
1.  Round 1
2.  Riding the Ferris Wheel
3.  The Big Dip
4.  Okuma
5.  Eating at Laxmi
6.  Forest Adventure
7.  Paint ball
8.  Drop slide park (and other roller slides)
9.  Hunting for kit-kats around the island

And the top 10 off-island adventures:
1.  Laying with tigers in Thailand
2.  Riding elephants in Thailand
3.  Walking on the Great Wall
4.  The overnight train in China
5.  Going to the top of Taipei 101
6.  Weekend couple getaway to Hong Kong
7.  Tokyo with Kelly
8.  Miya-jima island
9.  Space-A plane ride from Iwakuni
10.  Seeing Ginkaku-ji in Kyoto

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  1. What a great idea! You guys definitely lived it up more than anyone I know!

    I was so happy to see kit-kat hunting on the list! Just yesterday Isaac pointed out a kit kat bar to me and we both said how much we missed that little adventure. They just don't make cute, little things like that here. The best we've done are BBQ pits! It's not good for the waistline, dare I say! :)