Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maeda Flats

Tuesday was beautiful, I had nothing on the calendar, Stevie has finished work, so we took off to one of the most beautiful beaches around, Maeda Flats.

The water is so clear here and right off shore is a deep "bowl" of water full of interesting fishies.  Now the water has to be pretty warm for me to get in, but it has finally warmed up enough for me to get in for one last snorkeling adventure.

We managed to hit the beach at low tide, and when it's low at Maeda a whole new world is opened up for you to see.  I mean that you can walk along the coral beds and spy deep into pools to see all the beautiful fish and coral without even getting in the water.  This is particularly good for Emmy who hasn't quite mastered snorkeling despite looking so cute in the mask!

You see beautiful blue fish, interesting corals and a very strange leopard sea cucumber.

Another beautiful beach day!

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