Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wrapping up the year for Emmy

We made it!  Through homeschooling Emmy's first year, I mean.  Yep, I didn't kill them, they didn't kill me and I'm pretty sure they learned something!  I'm so proud of Emmy and Molly for how well they did this year - they went from not being able to write their letters to writing complete sentences.  They went from reading only 2 or 3 words to reading books.  They went from knowing only the number 1-10 to counting to 100 and knowing money, basics of time, measurement and charting. Yay girls!  For the complete year in pics see the separate blog post with the photo book.

Emmy and Molly also finished at Kuwae pre-school this week finishing off the year with a water fun day and graduation.  They were so cute!

And, of course, soccer finished last week with the last game and end of season party.

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