Monday, May 28, 2012

Going away BBQ

Our first neighborhood BBQ took place one month after we moved into our house.  It was Labor Day and I had asked Kelly, our new neighbor at that time, if they ever did any neighborhood events.  So we put together an invite, sent it out and the Lester Heights parties had their inaugural event.  (I didn't quite enjoy that one to its fullest since it was the same day I was released from the hospital after having an emergency appendectomy!)

Since then this neighborhood has had some great parties.  We've had parties for all the holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Halloween), for birthdays (including a surprise party for my 40th), Thanksgiving dessert parties, New Year's blow out parties, Christmas Eve progressive lunch party, sending off to deployment parties and welcoming home from deployment parties, even typhoon and tsunami warning parties (gotta do something when you're on lock down).  But sadly Saturday night was our last neighborhood party, the Coats' family farewell BBQ.

Our wonderful neighbors arranged this party in our honor and we were surprised and blessed by how many folks came out for it.  Thank you neighbors for a good time, well, for many good times!

Me and Ann Marie

Alicia and me

Jess and me

Spencer, Sydney, Sean and Suzy Bjarnason

The grillers


Begging for another cupcake

Enjoying some steak (Jess, Chris and Ashley)

Joe and Steve

Emmy and Dima being monsters

The 'hood

...and Joe, who was taking the 'hood picture

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