Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More funny signs

In our recent rash of travels around the island, I've collected some great "funny sign" photos to share.  Your guess is as good as mine in what some of them mean!

The tire cover on the back of a Rav4:

This is a shisa shaped construction pole holder.

We think this meant don't dump your animals because they chase local birds.  And don't run over hard-breathing turtles.

Maybe the bottom part means don't collect giant beetles for Yen - the Japanese actually keep giant beetles as pets.

These were in front of someone's house.

This is one of our favorites.  We're sure it means if you get hit by a falling rock, your briefcase with fly off to heaven with angel wings.  Don't you agree?

Beware of angry garbage throwing fish and watch out for monsters rising out of the sea?

 Another one about a monster scaring kids?

Baby mongoose - geriatric mongoose

Watch out for giant rodents?

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