Friday, May 11, 2012

Last trip to Okuma

We are definitely on our final approach to the end of our Okinawa days, and with airline tickets now securely in hand (yay!), we headed this weekend for our last on-island getaway - to Okuma!  Okuma has been a family favorite and we've even enjoyed taking Grammie and Uncle Charles there too.  It's nothing fancy or expensive, just a great place for good old-fashioned family fun next to one of the most beautiful beaches around and we love it.  I booked this weekend several months ago not realizing that it was Mother's day weekend, but that was just an added plus.

We drove up Friday after school and arrived for a wonderful afternoon on the beach and then a walk over the cliffs.

I love this pic!

Stevie and the kids being artists on the beach.  Stevie drew the whales, not Emmy!

Stevie teaching Emmy to draw.

The view from the top of the cliff walk.

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