Sunday, May 20, 2012

More crazy t-shirts

It was another rainy Sunday today and since Stevie was post-call and wanted to relax, I took the opportunity to make one of my last shopping outings to the San-A, a Japanese grocery/department store.  Strolling past one of the stores, my eye was attracted to a table of t-shirts on sale for 525 Yen (about $6).  Better than the price was the actual writing on the t-shirt.  It's called "Engrish" and it's the mixed up translations that make living in Japan so much fun.

Here are my wonderful examples, but perusing the internet I found a wealth of entertainment at - try it for yourself!

The orange one says, "I'm pleased with myself in my present frame of mind.  Feeling a longing for... What attracts public favor is amenities I've learned it from that public favor."

The black one says, "Locking sorrow away in my heart I've felt my heart tightened My feeling has mellowed Renew your mood with your chin up"

It reads, "The supreme season is coming  Before closing the season  Entertainment with the taste of season  This popularitu genuine"

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