Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More 100 Yen

Today Emmy and I had one of our favorite mid-week, cheap dates - a trip to a 100 Yen store and lunch from MaxValue grocery store.  It's nothing fancy, but never fails to be fun and tasty.

Here are today's favorite products from the 100 Yen:

The "rime green" caught my attention on this, and then I noticed the saying "The lavatory is refreshing."

I think this was a mat to keep cats from walking on something, maybe your garden???

I love these little fruit shaped sponges.  I'm not sure how much cleaning you can do with them, but they're cute.

I think "Sole Sap Sheets" are supposed to detoxify your body, but I don't know how!

MaxValue is Japanese grocery store next door to the big 100 Yen store and full of fun foods to try.

I always said things are smaller in Japan...just kidding! These are kid-sized carts.

In the very back is a whole section of prepared foods to go.  Not really bento boxes, although there are some of those, but more tasty treats that you package yourself for a snack or light meal on the go.  As I look at the photos, you might get grossed out by the "open airness" of the foods, but maybe after seeing some of the food areas in countries like Thailand and China, these areas seem pretty clean to me.  Maybe it's also now being familiar with Japanese culture and how clean everything is and how clean they are.  Most of them wear masks for indeterminate reasons.

Anyways, we've now figured out what some of the things are - mainly through trial and error - and have our favorites picked out.  I like the tempura vegetables and rice balls with what looks to be bits of mushroom, carrots and seaweed in them.  Cannon, London and Emmy are lovers of the yakitori (chicken on a stick with a sauce on it).  We all love the onigiri (rice balls) - although Emmy and Cannon have to have plain salmon while London and I like tuna with mayo.  So many yummy options...

My girl with her favorite lunch!

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  1. Love the karaoke shots ... looks like so much fun!
    I'm so glad you have your little side-kick with you for fun days, and what a great idea to have a lunch date! May be cheap but sounds perfect to me.

    Hope your packing is going okay. I've been thinking about you guys.
    -Angie K.